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Shave Years Off Your Biological Age!

What good is a beautifully made up face when your body continues to degenerate internally with the years?

Take control of the signs of ageing in your body – fatigue, low energy levels, sagging skin and chaotic hormone levels. Discover the secret of shaving years off your fatigued body, regaining youth and vitality through the healing powers of VF Nano Placenta.

Experience rejuvenation inside out like never before, emerge younger and more radiant in body and mind!

VF Nano Placenta Therapy

Created by Japan’s leading pharmaceutical company, VF Nano Placenta Therapy is the only source approved by Japan Health Food Association. Specialised cold, multi-enzymatic degradation and nano-filtration process ensures the highest purity of >99% bioactive content to effectively trigger our cell mechanism to repair, regenerate and renew itself, thereby slowing down the natural process of ageing.
With no hormones, chemicals and impurities in the formula, VF Nano Placenta Extract is a proven, safe and effective solution to reverse the signs of ageing and help you achieve renewed vitality and youth.

Common Problems that Surface With Age

Difficulty in Sleeping

 Mood Swings

Age Spots, Wrinkles

Saggy Body

le ageless vf nano placenta

Be Internally Rejuvenated with Le Ageless

More than 32 million capsules consumed in Japan and Singapore, Le Ageless Vital Force Cell Essentials’ secret recipe to youthfulness is a combination of superior VF Nano Placenta Extract, German Collagen Peptides and Brewer’s Yeast.
Carefully formulated with stringently selected quality porcine placentas in Japan, and produced by leading placenta life sciences corporation in Japan, all premium ingredients of Le Ageless are prepared in compliance with placenta food as stipulated by Japan Health Food Association and approved by GRAS (USA).

Be Externally Transformed with Le Revital

More than 10 million bottles sold worldwide and trusted by leading anti-ageing clinics in Japan, Le Revital Intense Cell Activator is a high-strength skin rejuvenating essence with unparalleled 98% VF Nano Placenta and Umbilical Extracts.
It is clinically proven to repair damaged skin and effectively improve skin conditions. Look forward to the joy of timeless youth and luminous, toned skin.

Satisfied Users of VF Nano Placenta Extract

“I feel healthier and more alert at work, I’ve greater stamina at the gym and can spend more quality time with my family.”

“As a general manager of a MNC, long work hours and the frequent travelling have taken a toll on my health and skin. I was recommended to Le Ageless and Le Revital VF cell essentials by my wife.  After consuming Le Ageless for 2 months, I feel healthier and observe improvements in my energy levels and stamina. I am more alert at work, and I’ve greater stamina at the gym, now I can spend more quality time with my family.
Despite minimal time spent on skincare regime, I also observe a noticeable improvement on my face after using Le Revital essence. Friends and co-workers commented that I look younger and more radiant now. ”

Ken Liew, late 40s     Singapore

” In just 2 weeks, the itch is completely gone and the redness have subsided! “

“After reading that they possess healing properties that help the body repair and rejuvenate ageing and damaged tissues; restoring youth and vitality, I was keen to try it. Knowing that LABO VF Nano Placenta Extract is “Trusted By Leading Anti-Ageing Clinics In Japan” and “More Than 32 Million Capsules Consumed In Japan ” is certainly a plus point!
In May this year, I noticed some red patches around my waist. It started to itch but since it wasn’t that serious, I just applied moisturiser hoping that it will go away as it could be due to dry skin. I did not want to consult a doctor as I try to avoid taking steroids again; I was prescribed this earlier on for mild Eczema on my neck.
I read about LABO VF Nano Placenta Therapy for Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) so I started my daily regimen, diligently consuming 2 capsules of the Le Ageless Vital Force Cell Essentials every day, and applying the Le Revital Intense Cell Activator on both my face and also the areas on my waist twice a day.
Upon application of the Le Revital Intense Cell Activator, the serum is quickly absorbed into the skin. My skin feels extremely smooth to touch and the serum is not sticky at all. I followed with my usual skincare routine. While I did not notice much visible changes on my face nor physical health (I have relatively good skin and no health issues), there is significant improvement on those reddish patches on my waist. In just 2 weeks, the itch is completely gone and the redness have subsided! Both areas are no longer rough to touch and they are certainly on the road to recovery.
More than 10 million vials sold worldwide and recommended by dermatologists for post-laser skincare and intensive treatment! Well, I am definitely one happy user! ”

Shirley Tay, 50      Singapore

” Within 2 weeks, my hot flushes had reduced; I had more energy at work, my breasts also feel and look fuller!”

“When I started experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms before I even hit mid 40, I was in disbelief. It was only when I had to be hospitalised for an extremely painful episode in my arm that I found out from my doctor that the pain was indirectly linked to pre-menopause. The hot flushes, frequent headaches and mood swings suddenly made sense.
It was at this time when my friend introduced Le Ageless to me, which she hoped, might help me in some way as “the effects vary from individuals”, she said. At this point, I was willing to try anything. Within 2 weeks, I felt that the number of hot flushes I experience within a day had reduced and I had more energy at work.
I started to feel sleepy earlier than usual and could sleep longer by two hours each night. The sleep quality is also better than before. What surprised me was that my breasts feel and look fuller, this has not happened in a long while. This is only the first month I am trying out this supplement so I hope to see more womanly changes in the days to come. ”

Rina Wong , 40s      Singapore

“My stamina have improved significantly, my sleep quality is better and my skin feels firmer, fairer and more radiant too!”

“My job requires me to be on the move all day long, so I often feel low in energy and tired at the end of the day. Being outdoors most of the time has also caused my skin to develop pigmentation. As age catches up, my skin also loses its firmness. I’ve heard from friends that placenta has revitalising and anti-ageing properties so I decided to try LABO Le Ageless when I came across it at the pharmacy.
After consuming Le Ageless, I noticed my stamina have improved significantly. I can sleep more soundly at night and no longer feel sleepy and tired in the day. My skin feels firmer, fairer and more radiant too. I’ll continue to take Le Ageless for my anti-ageing regime.”

Nina Teoh, 50s      Singapore